path: root/lib/drmtest.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-05-09drmtest: Properly handle virtio-gpu's namingPetri Latvala
2019-04-18lib/igt_dummyload: Get rid of 'batch' on spinner accessorsMika Kuoppala
2019-03-27lib/drmtest: Add helpers to check and require amdgpuNicholas Kazlauskas
2019-03-20lib: Kill drm_get_card()MichaƂ Winiarski
2019-02-26lib: drmtest: Add helpers to check and require the VC4 driverPaul Kocialkowski
2019-02-19lib: Restore the i915.reset modparam before cleaning upChris Wilson
2019-01-21lib/drmtest: Don't read from NULL in set_forced_driverPetri Latvala
2019-01-14Make force work with multiple drivers availableRodrigo Siqueira
2018-12-20Add support for forcing a specific driverPetri Latvala
2018-11-26v3d: Add a helper libraryEric Anholt
2018-09-07lib: Cancel all outstanding requests at the end of a testChris Wilson
2018-09-03lib: Check for a specific match if requested.Chris Wilson
2018-09-03lib: Fix strcmp() direction for bsearch.Chris Wilson
2018-09-03lib: Use a bsearch to find the module nameChris Wilson
2018-09-01lib/drmtest: Move open device to separate functionKatarzyna Dec
2018-08-31lib: Stop caching __drm_device_idChris Wilson
2018-05-16igt: Drop Intel from the name in docs and pathsArkadiusz Hiler
2017-12-14lib: Ask the kernel to quiesce the GPUChris Wilson
2017-12-08lib: Print other clients when DRM_SET_MASTER failsChris Wilson
2017-11-16lib: Attempt to load the module for a missing deviceChris Wilson
2017-11-06lib/drmtest: Fix typoThierry Reding
2017-10-19lib: Idle the GT when quiescing the GPUChris Wilson
2017-09-08build: use HAVE_LIBGEN_H consistentlyDaniel Vetter
2017-07-25lib/drmtest: Decode driver flags on failureDaniel Vetter
2017-04-22igt: Import basic amdgpu tests from libdrmChris Wilson
2017-03-23lib: system() is bad, use libkmod insteadChris Wilson
2017-03-21Restore "lib: Open debugfs files for the given DRM device"Chris Wilson
2017-03-21Revert "lib: Open debugfs files for the given DRM device"Tomeu Vizoso
2017-03-21lib: Open debugfs files for the given DRM deviceTomeu Vizoso
2017-01-02lib: Mass conversion to to_user_pointer()Chris Wilson
2016-11-29lib: add igt_dummyloadAbdiel Janulgue
2016-10-27lib/drmtest: Test for equivalence with DRIVER_ANYTomeu Vizoso
2016-10-27lib/drmtest: Take DRIVER_ANY into account when opening the DRM deviceTomeu Vizoso
2016-10-18drmtest: Install exithandler for i915, even in multidriver testsChris Wilson
2016-09-19lib: Add support for DROP_FREED in igt_drop_caches_set()Chris Wilson
2016-07-19lib: __drm_open_driver() needs to report the errorChris Wilson
2016-07-12lib/drmtest: add virtio_gpu supportGustavo Padovan
2016-07-12lib/drmtest: Fix igt_skip messageGustavo Padovan
2016-06-30lib: Start weaning off defunct intel_chipset.hChris Wilson
2016-06-28lib: Avoid running gem_quiescent_gpu() on non-Intel hardwareRobert Foss
2016-06-23Silence compiler warnings for expected and handled error conditionsChris Wilson
2016-06-21lib: Suppress error messages from failure to load driver modulesChris Wilson
2016-06-18lib: Support opening vGEM deviceChris Wilson
2016-04-14lib: Fix doc warnings for real!Daniel Vetter
2016-04-14lib: Expose is_i915_deviceTomeu Vizoso
2016-04-14lib: add igt_require_intelTomeu Vizoso
2016-04-14lib: Rename is_intel to has_known_intel_chipsetTomeu Vizoso
2016-04-09lib: Remove defunct stop_ringsChris Wilson
2016-03-08lib: Flush all possible ringsChris Wilson
2016-03-08lib: Flush BSD2 as well when availableChris Wilson