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2019-05-10meson: Use -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 on optimized buildsArkadiusz Hiler
2019-05-10meson: Change the default build type to debugoptimizedArkadiusz Hiler
2019-05-10meson/cc: Disable memory-allocating builtinsArkadiusz Hiler
2019-05-09meson: Explicitly require libcurl for chameliumArkadiusz Hiler
2019-05-07meson: Don't allow building with NDEBUG, everLyude Paul
2019-05-07meson: Don't redefine gettid if the C library provides itLyude Paul
2019-04-25tests/kms_chamelium: add dp-audio testSimon Ser
2019-02-28meson: Make doc building dependent on gtk-docArkadiusz Hiler
2019-02-20meson: Bump meson version requirement to 0.46.0Arkadiusz Hiler
2019-02-13lib/igt_fb: Add support for P01x formats, v5.Maarten Lankhorst
2019-01-23tests: drop openssl dependency in favor of glib sha1 implementationJani Nikula
2018-11-05meson: Enable more warning flagsPetri Latvala
2018-10-31lib: Make libunwind optional againDaniel Vetter
2018-10-08igt: Make pixman mandatoryMaxime Ripard
2018-08-30lib/core: Use libdw to decode stack trace with debugging symbols, v2.Maarten Lankhorst
2018-08-13meson: Define all the rpath_dirs in one placeArkadiusz Hiler
2018-08-09runner: New test runnerPetri Latvala
2018-08-08meson: Downgrade meson version requirement a notchPetri Latvala
2018-07-25build: provide stub implementation for memfd_createLucas De Marchi
2018-07-25build: provide include for missing syscallsLucas De Marchi
2018-07-18Update NEWS, bump version to 1.23.Arkadiusz Hiler
2018-07-13igt/gem_userptr: Check read-only mappingsChris Wilson
2018-07-12build: bump c std to gnu11Lucas De Marchi
2018-06-25meson: Add options to control optional partsPetri Latvala
2018-06-25Make GLib mandatoryPetri Latvala
2018-05-16igt: Drop Intel from the name in docs and pathsArkadiusz Hiler
2018-03-23meson: Chamelium depends on GSLDaniel Stone
2018-03-09Update NEWS, bump version to 1.22.Petri Latvala
2018-03-09meson: Force libdrm version also for the subpackagesArkadiusz Hiler
2018-02-27igt: Make libudev mandatoryAntonio Argenziano
2018-02-26meson: Don't build docs when cross-compilingPetri Latvala
2018-02-23meson: Make cairo mandatoryArkadiusz Hiler
2018-01-17meson: Refactor get_option() calls for directoriesPetri Latvala
2018-01-16Update NEWS, bump version to 1.21.Petri Latvala
2018-01-16meson: Name the project intel-gpu-toolsPetri Latvala
2017-12-05meson: gtkdoc supportDaniel Vetter
2017-12-04igt: Make dependency on libunwind mandatoryArkadiusz Hiler
2017-11-29Revert "lib/igt_aux: Make procps optional"Arkadiusz Hiler
2017-11-21tests: Remove libdrm_vc4 dependency.Eric Anholt
2017-11-21tests: Convert to using the imported drm-uapi headers.Eric Anholt
2017-10-24meson: don't assume xmlrpc-c-config is thereJani Nikula
2017-10-18meson: Add fallback for xmlrpc discoveryArkadiusz Hiler
2017-10-04Update NEWS, bump version to 1.20.Petri Latvala
2017-10-03meson: Disable the intel overlay on non-x86 builds.Eric Anholt
2017-09-20meson: share the configuration_data objectDaniel Vetter
2017-09-08meson: Bump required version to 0.40Daniel Vetter
2017-09-08meson: add manpage supportDaniel Vetter
2017-09-08meson: detect cc flagsDaniel Vetter
2017-09-08meson: Add some compiler flags to reduce warnings.Eric Anholt
2017-09-08meson: basic build system supportDaniel Vetter