AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-02-15Fix parallel buildingHEADmasterKalle Vahlman
2011-12-08Changelog for 1.1-0Kalle Vahlman
2011-12-08HDMIservice: Improve EDID handlingPer Persson
2011-12-08HDMIservice: Correct the LOCAL_CFLAGSJayarami Reddy
2011-12-08Change LOCAL_MODULE_TAGS to optionalerolind
2011-12-08HDMIservice: Set 720p resolution for u5500Jayarami Reddy
2011-12-08Changelog for 1.0.1-0v1.0.1Kalle Vahlman
2011-12-08HDMIservice doesn't make sense in other than armel architectureKalle Vahlman
2000-01-01Fix linking issue by forcing pthread into ELF DT_NEEDED tagKalle Vahlman
2011-12-07Add proper descriptions to debian/controlKalle Vahlman
2011-12-07Remove debian/files, it is generated and does not belong to VCSKalle Vahlman
2011-10-31Start on lightdm as well, to support Oneiricv1.0igloo-20111028Kalle Vahlman
2011-10-28Add debian packaging files.SNOWBALL_BSP_111028_1.0John Fredriksson
2011-10-18Modify Makefile to work for debian packaging.John Fredriksson
2011-09-22HDMIservice: Improve error handlingPer Persson
2011-09-09HDMIservice: Add FOSS license info in headerPer Persson
2011-09-08HDMIservice: Fix Coverity defectsPer Persson
2011-07-05HDMIservice: Prepare for lbp buildPer Persson
2011-06-21HDMIservice: Allow dynamic minor numberPer Persson
2011-06-09Changing the LOCAL_MODULE_TAG to optional from engPer-Daniel Olsson
2011-06-01HDMIservice: Improve error handlingPer Persson
2011-05-26HDMIservice: Fix resolution and socket handling.Per Persson
2011-05-20HDMIservice addedPer Persson