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masterAdd READMEKalle Vahlman10 years
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2011-12-13Add READMEHEADmasterKalle Vahlman
2011-12-133GB images by default, 4GB images fail to flash correctly (out of space?)Kalle Vahlman
2011-12-13Include the launchpad PPA already althought it's not fully in use yetKalle Vahlman
2011-12-13Switch to newer rootfsKalle Vahlman
2011-12-09Suffle packages, add lbsd for GPS supportKalle Vahlman
2011-12-08Add mali400-dev due to a symlink some apps link againstKalle Vahlman
2011-12-08Use oneiric release in package sources to match the rootfs (doh)Kalle Vahlman
2011-12-08Add IMAGE_SIZE variable to control the end image sizeKalle Vahlman
2011-12-08Drop old bluez packages, make hwpack depend on manifestKalle Vahlman
2011-11-23igloo-20111118 releaseKalle Vahlman