AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-03-31Changelog for 1.0.1-3HEADmasterKalle Vahlman
2012-03-31Depend on newer kernel headersKalle Vahlman
2011-12-19Changelog entries for Launchpad migration falloutKalle Vahlman
2011-12-19Symbolic link sources should not have DESTDIR in themKalle Vahlman
2011-12-19We are not always on a Snowball, can't use uname to search for headersKalle Vahlman
2011-12-19Packaging changes for LaunchpadKalle Vahlman
2011-12-14Change LOCAL_MODULE_TAGS to optionalerolind
2011-12-14Library threads cleaned out correctlyJörgen Nilsson
2011-12-14Add background blend supportJörgen Nilsson
2011-12-14Add timeout to the callback threadMaciej Socha
2011-09-26Add debian packaging filesigloo-20111025John Fredriksson
2011-07-08[b2r2lib] Add handling of other events than POLLINJimmy Rubin
2011-07-05[b2r2lib] Add VUY(A)888(8) 24/32-bit formatsMaciej Socha
2011-06-15[b2r2lib] Fix Memory leak.Robert Fekete
2011-06-07Create also static library for LBPThierry STRUDEL
2011-03-28Add support for YVU420/2_PACKED_(SEMI)_PLANAR.Maciej Socha
2011-03-11b2r2lib: Bug in callbacksFredrik Allansson
2010-12-15b2r2lib: Added documentation files in ste-info, ST-Ericsson ID: WP273606Staffan Broddene
2010-11-11B2R2LIB: Add support for arbitrary offsetsJohan Mossberg
2010-09-21b2r2lib: Support for hwmem buffersFredrik Allansson
2010-09-16b2r2lib: Added documentation files in ste-infoRobert Lind
2010-09-09Add CLUT support, WP264248Jonas Bengtsson
2010-09-09Add property u8500_v2-linuxJonas Bengtsson
2010-07-28Fixes following -Wl,--no-undefined waitig for official release from D&GMisbah ur RAHMAN
2010-07-12Updated Makefile to enable build of lbp variant with multimedia.Robert Lind
2010-06-28makefile updateJonas Bengtsson
2010-02-24new b2r2libRobert Fekete
2010-02-03Initial commit linux_b2r2lib 0.1.0Love Mansson