BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterAdd systemd service (uses the init.d script)Kalle Vahlman11 years
v1.4commit 0565663c72...Kalle Vahlman11 years
v1.3.1commit f670c0ef74...Kalle Vahlman11 years
v1.3commit 405eedd132...Kalle Vahlman11 years
igloo-20111028commit befc027cf3...Kalle Vahlman12 years
v1.2commit befc027cf3...Kalle Vahlman12 years
v1.0.1commit ca49313dd6...Kalle Vahlman12 years
igloo-20111025commit 960c8027a9...Kalle Vahlman12 years
v1.0commit 960c8027a9...Kalle Vahlman12 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2012-11-14Add systemd service (uses the init.d script)HEADmasterKalle Vahlman
2012-05-09ChangeLog for 1.4.1-0Kalle Vahlman
2012-05-09Fix initialization order of USB thingsKalle Vahlman
2012-05-08Changelog for 1.4-0v1.4Kalle Vahlman
2012-05-08debian: Add correct dependencies for used toolsKalle Vahlman
2000-01-01Set the WLAN MAC on the correct moduleKalle Vahlman
2000-01-01Add USB driver wakeup to initscriptKalle Vahlman
2012-03-06Changelog for 1.3.1-1Kalle Vahlman
2012-03-06Support armhf arch tooKalle Vahlman
2012-03-06Changelog for 1.3.1-0v1.3.1Kalle Vahlman